Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Steve Mac Parody

So, I personally don't have a problem with Macs. The Mac user tends to bug me because of their delusions of superiority, but Macs themselves I think are nice for what they do. That being said, this video made me laugh...a lot.


This is a short sad poem I wrote last week while frustrated and waiting for a couple of people to pull their heads out. I call it Big Business Regression.

In this never ending crap hole we currently drown.
Hoping to hit bottom, but continuing down.
Wondering if hell is close or if this is the worst
Pressure building till capillaries begin to burst
Wanting something different, something more
Feeling like a filthy, cheap corporate whore
Sentiments long forgotten, returning somehow
Tried to flee in terror, but it's too late now
Pointless it seems, pointless it is
Failing the once thought simple quiz

The name may not make sense to you, but that's only because you weren't there.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unable to act? Or unable to shrink.

I’ve tried out for the Kaysville City musical once again. We’re doing Joseph and the Amazing blah blah blah. It’s an interesting thing. For those who may not know it, I’m a pretty big guy, but when compared to most of the guys who like to do things like act in a play, I’m freakin’ humungous. I feel this has in some ways hindered my attempts to acquire a lead role. Instead, I usually find myself as the big dumb guy, or some guard in the background or something. Now I know I probably stand out like a sore thumb on stage, and I understand the reasons for doing what they do, but just once it’d be nice to be a lead.

Maybe it’s better this way. Takes away the stress. But this year, I actually find myself desiring to drop out. It’s hard to commit yourself for that long to something that your heart really isn’t into. Plus my wife doesn’t like the fact that I’ll be gone more, so that adds to the stress. Well, I’m committed now, but I think this may be the last year of the play for me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lessons In Futility

The world came crashing down
As so often in the past we've witnessed
But unforeseen results are now our companion
As we struggle against the quicksand
Sinking more quickly now
Do you drown yourself to make it end on your terms?
Or, do you struggle against all odds?
The outcome is the same
In the end, your choice meant nothing

I often wonder if there are choices that we make that just don't make any difference at all in the world, or if by the butterfly effect, every single thing we do with our lives completely affects not only ourselves, but the entire planet. Is my constant use of the backspace key (because of my poor typing) causing something crazy to happen to the weather? Could that repeated keystroke with my little finger be the cause of "Global Warming?" Should Al Gore be coming after me, for my abuse of that poor beaten key? Probably not, but it's kind of fun to think about.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Human History Month...A Good Idea?

Over the month of February, I got to thinking a lot about Black History month, and it kinda started to piss me off. Where's white history month? Or better yet, human history month, where everyone studies their own history and learns more about their past. I thought this was a good idea. Then I started to think about why in the world we have to have these divisions amongst "race" anyway. Aren't we all a part of the human race? So, from now on, I'm not going to call myself, white, or you black/Asian/latin american etc. From now on, we are all of the human race. I'm going to mark 'other' on applications where it asks race from now on and write in human. I want to see Black History Month changed to Human History Month. I will not call myself a white man, and I will frown upon anyone distinguishing themselves in this way.
Do we really want to remain divided over something as stupid as where our ancestors were born? Lack of unity has caused the fall of many a great world superpower. Will race be the cause of our division?
I think that all humans need to unite under something, and this is the one thing we all have in common. We are all human, top of the food chain, opposable thumbs, able to conquer any terrain the world has to offer. I say we ditch racial pride, gay pride, white power, and all these worthless things to unite under something much bigger. Anyone want to start a human pride day with me and march in a human pride parade?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Youth Impact 5k

My sister is organizing a 5k walk/run for a senior project. She asked me to build her a website for advertising so here it is I'm not the best web designer in the world, but I think it turned out pretty good. Have a look and let me know what you think. Then if you're able/willing, come and run.
It has come to my attention that the site doesn't look right in IE6. Seeing as how I wrote it using IE7 in Vista I had no way to test this. I tested it in Firefox, Opera, and Safari and it works great in all of them, but not IE6. I would recommend everyone upgrade to IE7 since it is a much better browser than IE6, but I'm still going to have to fix it since my analytics on the site say that most of the people who are hitting the site, are doing so with IE6. Stupid microsoft.