Monday, March 12, 2007

Lessons In Futility

The world came crashing down
As so often in the past we've witnessed
But unforeseen results are now our companion
As we struggle against the quicksand
Sinking more quickly now
Do you drown yourself to make it end on your terms?
Or, do you struggle against all odds?
The outcome is the same
In the end, your choice meant nothing

I often wonder if there are choices that we make that just don't make any difference at all in the world, or if by the butterfly effect, every single thing we do with our lives completely affects not only ourselves, but the entire planet. Is my constant use of the backspace key (because of my poor typing) causing something crazy to happen to the weather? Could that repeated keystroke with my little finger be the cause of "Global Warming?" Should Al Gore be coming after me, for my abuse of that poor beaten key? Probably not, but it's kind of fun to think about.


  1. There's a great Star Trek episode where Q sends Captain Picard back in time to relive portions of his life. Picard expresses concern that his actions might drastically affect the way history unfolds (as he remembers it) and Q responds by saying:

    "Please! Spare me your egotistical musings on your pivotal role in history. Nothing you do here will cause the Federation to collapse or galaxies to explode. To be blunt, you're not that important."

  2. Way to rain on my parade.

  3. I meant OTHER people. Your actions definitely have a profound and reaching affect on the course of history.