Monday, April 23, 2007

I won't grow up.

My wife’s grandma died yesterday. This got me to thinking a lot about old people. Personally my worst fear in the world is getting old. I just really don’t like the idea of not being able to physically and mentally handle the challenges that I am now able to handle with no problem. I realize this fear is one of the most irrational of all since it is completely and utterly inevitable, but it still frightens me.

Although, there are some things that I do think would be nice about being old. Like senior citizen discounts, and the ability to act in a completely tactless manner and be socially accepted anyway. Don’t get me wrong, not everything you do when you are old is ok. For example, I was dining the other day, if eating at Carl’s Jr. can be considered dining, when a little girl, probably between 3 and 5 years old let out a blood curdling squeal that I’m sure the astronauts heard. Now, this was horribly annoying, but what the old man who was sitting behind her did was completely unnecessary and rude. He turns around and yells at the little girl and her mother, “Will you shut that thing up!” Now, this upset me a bit, sure it was annoying, but it’s just a little girl and you can be nice. So I yelled back, “Dude, it’s a little girl.” That shut him right up. But then his wife/sister/daughter or whoever it was that was with him says to me “He’s got sensitive ears.” So I yell back “So what…he can be nice.”

That’s where it upsets me. When people believe that just because they are old, they can say/do what they want and everyone around should just take it. My grandma was one of these old people. She was very low on compliments, but full of criticism. And she seemed to think that we should just take it and be grateful she was talking to us. My wife’s grandma seemed to believe that the world owed her something. She once asked me to put some oil in her car, and I said sure. But, then she said, “I could do it myself, but I don’t like to if I can make you do it instead.” Needless to say, this did not make me happy. This is why I fear old age. Are we all doomed to be in pain all the time and taking 50 medications daily most of which are to cover side effects of other medications? Is it actually possible to grow old gracefully?

One of my grandmas did, in attitude. Her body fell completely apart, but she was always happy and you’d never hear complaints out of her. I have a hard time believing that I could keep that type of attitude for that long with my body betraying me at every turn. So, maybe I am doomed to follow in the footsteps of many an angry old person that has come before me. My friend and I actually have a dream of being the two old guys who sit in rocking chairs out on their porch and yell obscenities at the children as they walk by. Something to look forward to I guess.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Top 10

My younger brother just asked his love to marry him. He also made a movie about the top 10 reasons why he loves her. I've posted it on here with his and her consent. The actors are all siblings of either my brother or his new fiance, and he made us all wear these horrible horrible wigs. But it turned out really good. I've encoded it at a pretty high bitrate so sorry to those of you with a low connection speed. She said "Yes" by the way.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Uber Sore Throat

I've had a sore throat now for over a month. It's intesity changes, but it is still there. I went to the doctor for it about a week ago, and my bloodpressure and cholesterol are both a little above average, but he couldn't see what was wrong with my throat. So, he gave me some antibiotics and told me to take ibuprofen. For 10 days, I took these antibiotics and ibuprofen, thinking that maybe it would help, and for a while it seemed to. Then I realized that it's just the ibuprofen making the pain go away that made me think I was getting better. The antibiotics did nothing. This indicates to me that it is either alergies, which would explain the logevity of it all, or it's some sort of super virus that is slowly eating away my throat. The problem with the alergies theory is the fact that I've never had any sort of alergies to anything before. Now, I would hope that if it were a virus, that my body would eventually be able to fight it off somehow, but as of yet, it seems to be as stumped as I am as to the nature of the problem. I bring all of this up, because last night it really flaired up, and now it's doing it again. It really REALLY hurts right now. If anybody else is experiencing similar symptoms, let me know. Here is a complete list.
Extremely Persistant Sore throat that comes and goes.
Sore ears.
No fever.
No other symptoms really.