Friday, June 08, 2007

Buying Mario Party 8

I bought a Nintendo Wii for my wife a few weeks back, it's good fun. But that's not really the point of this post. Mario Party 8 came out last week I think it was. Having been a fan of the other Mario Party games, and not having scouts to go to (I'm a Webelos leader), we decided to buy it on Tuesday.

Now, we'd seen it at Costco on Saturday for $43, when everywhere else it's around $50, but we got a coupon in the mail for $5 off any new game at Game Stop. Game Stop, being closer to my home than Costco, was worth it to me to pay the $2 extra to save some travel time. At least, this is what I thought before we went there.

First off, the good, the prices and selection are good, not great, but good. Now the bad, they only had one person in the entire store to help people. This wouldn't be so bad, except whenever somebody tries to check out, he hassles them for 10 minutes about other stuff they he feels should buy or reserve. There's only one other couple in the entire store, and it takes forever to get to us, because he is taking forever trying to talk them into buying more stuff. Now this couple was already buying like 7 games. So I would think that he would just count his blessings and let them go, but nope, he still has to pressure and push anything and everything he possible can on them.

It gets to be our turn. We tell him we would like to purchase the game we had set out to purchase. He asks us if we had reserved it, we told him no. He asks us why not as he's standing in front of a glass case with I would guess close to 100 copies of the game inside. So I point at the case and tell him we really don't need to reserve it because there are many copies right behind him. Then he proceeds to lecture us on how if we were smart we would've reserved it because last week, there were no copies because the smart people had reserved it and taken them all. Then he starts telling us we should reserve some soccer game that I've never heard of, nor would ever have any desire of buying, and when we tell him no thanks he gets all huffy and angry, and barks at my wife for swiping her credit card too soon. Good sales tactics man. Piss off your customers. Plus their web site is written in asp (Yuck).

I don't believe that store will be there much longer. First off, the location sucks. It's like going through a maze to get to it. Second off, there is a Super Target across the street where you can get everything (except for the used stuff, and the attitude) that they sale there for the same price or better. Needless to say, $5 or $50 discount, we'll never be going back.

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