Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can you feel it?

I really like to read poetry. I’ve always been fascinated with the story types of poetry, simply because I have a hard time writing that kind, but the type of poetry I like to read most of all, is the poetry that expresses the feelings that the author is currently feeling. Unfortunately, these usually end up being depressing, as most sentiment inspired writings were written in times of woe for the author.

I read a poem the other day, the name and author escapes me, but it was written around 1000 A.D. by a man soon after he had lost his wife and son. It literally brought tears to my eyes as the emotion this poor man was feeling dripped off of the page and directly into my soul. That is the type of poetry that I like, where the author is able to make you part of what he’s feeling. Where you, for a short time, take on some of the emotion that they are feeling, and even though they lived a thousand years ago, you feel connected in some way. Connected by nothing but a feeling, but connected all the same. Now that’s poetry.

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