Friday, October 10, 2008

Gas prices are down, ridership is up, but we still want more money!!!

I have a love hate relationship with UTA.  I love not having to drive to work.  I love the high seat backs and partially reclining chairs on the express bus.  And I love being able to do anything I want during my commute time rather than just sitting there if I were driving.  But, the way they treat their patrons is deplorable, the way they've organized their stops for the Express Buses and trains is ridiculous, and their Park and Rides don't have anywhere near the necessary amount of parking space.

Here's the latest in their Park and Ride blunders.  I got to my stop, and got off the bus the other day only to see two Transit Police Officers arguing with angry people.  The reason:  


That's right, they'd ticketed every single person in the lot who was not parked in a stall.

Now at first glance this may seem like a "well they shouldn't have parked there" situation, but, where else are they supposed to park?  The lot is extremely small, especially when you compare it to the temporary lot that they were using before that many had become accustomed to. Plus, take a look at this photo:

There are no painted curbs, no signs, nothing to tell these people that they shouldn't be parking there.  The really really sad thing is that there is really no other way to get to this Park and Ride lot than drive.  It's next to the freeway between an overpass and a mill.  No one lives within a quarter mile of this thing.  There are no busses other than the express busses that stop here, so busing to the stop is completely out of the question (hence my calling the stops ridiculous).  I just don't understand what they expect people to do instead.  But I'll tell you one thing, I've never been happier that I walk to the bus stop, even if it is pretty far away (about 1.5m).


  1. Easy fix for these dumb people, dont *drive* to the bus stop! Walk or use that cool new invention called a bicycle.

  2. My walking adds 25min to my commute. I'm sure not everyone can do that. And in every direction around, there's hills, so biking wouldn't be feasible for many of these people you see riding the bus. Plus, if everyone who had to park next to a curb brought their bikes, the bick rack would be completely full as well. Then they'd start ticketing people for improperly parking their bikes. My main point was that if they don't want people to park in places, they need to label them and/or provide more parking.