Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bad News

In this world of trepidation
Trapped by my imagination
Fearing the aftermath of
A single piece of news

Do we really understand
The entire implication
The sugarless necessity
Of the one I truly love

Above anyone else
I fear my best friend
What she can do to me
With a simple smile

Or the pain I feel
Knowing she's in pain
The immense hurt
Knowing she is hurting

I cry like a baby
But only on the inside
Outside I am cold
Emotionless and mean

A pathetic attempt to hide
Hide from the thoughts
That betray my every wish
Crushing my every desire

Lord I pray to you for help
I'm lost in my self pity
Hoist me out quickly
As you've done in the past

Protect my love this day
From the ills and woes of life
If not forever
Then at least for a moment

Grant peace and comfort
Deliver happiness and joy
Carry her to where
I am too weak take her myself

I may try
But I'm not enough
Be for her
All I cannot

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