Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle

Well, sort of, it wasn't on Christmas and there may be some debate as to the miraculous nature of the event, but to me it was like a Christmas miracle. Here's the Story:

A few days back, I was coming home from vacation in Panama City, FL.  The airport there is pretty small, and we were sitting and waiting for our plane.  I started looking for a soda machine as I really wanted a Coke.  We found a machine and my brother-in-law was sad because he only had a dollar, and the machine cost was two.  So, I opened my wallet and found four one dollar bills.  I let him have one, leaving me with three.  Plenty for a Coke of my own.

Then I had the thought, "I wonder if my wife would like a drink."  So I asked her.  I was sad to discover that she did indeed want a Diet Coke.  Having only 3 dollars and each soda costing 2 it was looking as though a Coke would be out of my reach.

I purchased my wife her Diet Coke. Then I looked in my wallet, and there were TWO dollars in it.  Extremely confused as to where this extra dollar came from, I purchased my Coke and thirsted no more. 

Now, maybe I counted wrong.  But, that's not what matters.  The happiness it brought to me upon discovering that I was indeed going to get the Coke that I so desired was a miracle to me.  Kinda lame I know.  But it had been a hard few days, and it was just something that made me so happy, I had to share with my 2 blog readers.

I'm going to start putting what I'm currently listening to on the bottom of my entries.

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