Friday, January 22, 2010

Dell Finally Resolved

Well apparently there is at least one person in this world who reads my blog and wants to know how the Dell experience ended, so here’s the end of the story.

When we last left the story, I was installing Vista so I could prove to the morons over at Dell that this was a hardware issue and not a driver problem.

So I reinstall Vista and low and behold and holy crap, the problem is still there.  Was I surprised, no, annoyed, yes!  Back to Support I go.  Once again I have to sit through the “technician’s” diagnostic checklist that I already know will yield no results other than waste more of my precious time.  He does everything, even update my bios, and once again, it doesn’t help.  So he gets his supervisor who tells me, “Well, we can do one of two things…either you can send it back again, or we can build you a completely new system, and when you receive it, you send the faulty one back.”  Bet you can’t figure out which I chose to do.  The latter of freaking course.

This actually worked out ok for me, since I had originally bought the laptop from their refurbish site, and now I was going to get a totally new one.  So I got the new laptop, and it even came with a step up processor.  So now I’m happy.  I also was able to find a bluetooth card for it on ebay for $13.  Can’t beat that. 

Ok, so about 2 months and a lot of wasted time later, I have what I wanted and a little more.  I can’t really fault the company Dell for my issues, but their support and apparently their repair department need some major overhaulin’.  Once I was able to show them that it really was their issue, they were very helpful.  And 2 of the 5 or 6 people I talked to actually seemed knowledgeable.  So they weren’t all morons.  But it really was a pain, and will definitely make me think twice before purchasing again from them.

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  1. I believe you wrote this for me; I left the other comment. I've been checking back weekly at the original post for the update and didn't find this until today. Thanks for the update.

    I went through Dell Hell™ a few months before you did and in the end wound up with a new machine as well. I'd prefer to have had my old one; it was a superior build, but they didn't offer anything quite equivalent at the time. Oh well.