Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Loving Tribute to a Wonderful Lady

It’s all part of the plan,

from birth we are told,

This soothes no pain of loss

It’s the same whether young or old


When someone you love passes,

from here to the next life

Nothing can stop the hurt you feel

Like you’re heart’s been pierced with a knife


How can this pain go unfelt,

Is there no way to be free

There is a simple way

But it’s not worth it to me


The only way to be safe

From ever being hurt in this way

Is to live your life alone

With no loved ones to share your day


So for me, I treasure this pain

It’s a cross that I gladly bear

For this hole left in my life

By a person who’s no longer there


I would rather triple my pain

Then forget what she meant to me

I will miss you forever

My beloved Grandma B.

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